roto lift
Roto lift aluminum casting

Greensand Operations:

Century Foundry uses the greensand process to efficiently and inexpensively produce larger volumes of aluminum castings.  The manual operations are anchored by three Roto Lift lines that produce aluminum castings ranging from small to very large. We have all flask sizes available, below is a breakdown of what each line can handle.

Squeezer capabilitySmall Roto Lift capabilityLarge Roto Lift capability
12x12 minimum mold
12x18 minimum mold 20x24 minimum mold
16x20 maximum mold26x44 maximum mold 32x60 maximum mold
Sinto aluminum casting

Century can also produce larger volumes of aluminum castings with the Sinto FBO 3 automatic molding machine. This process can provide aluminum castings from ½ lb. to 60 lbs. in a 20” x 24” flask.

With our highly experienced production team coordinating with our customer’s design team, Century can prepare customer designs for production and market with agility and speed.  Our typical lead times are competitive.