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Air Set: We have an entire 15,000 sq. foot building dedicated to our air set aluminum casting production orders or rapid prototyping to meet customer needs. We have two dedicated 1500 lb. gas fired furnaces dedicated to this production area, which allows us to provide production orders in multiple different alloys.

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Core Production: We have in house capabilities to produce any size shell core and air set cold box cores to complete any size core for you aluminum castings.

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Pattern Shop: We have in house capabilities to cut new tooling, repair existing tooling and perform tooling modifications as requested by customers. We currently have four 3-axis CNC mills, which have tables 20″ deep by 23″ wide by 60″ long. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop to help you bring your pattern prints into useable production castings

Mold Flow Analysis: We partner with a local world class tooling solution shop to run our analysis and ensure we’re producing the best tooling possible. If this is something that your company would like to use to create your new patterns or permanent mold tools, we have the capabilities to do this quickly and efficiently.